Frequently asked questions

1. What is compatible ink?

Compatible ink is ink that has been designed to the manufacturer's specifications, but without their licensing. Brand-name ink is typically one of the most expensive liquids on earth, not due to material cost, but manufacturer markup. An HP 15ml "xl" cartridge will cost upwards of $30, whereas the ink itself only costs $15 - for 250mL.

Compatible ink cartridges are manufactured by 3rd parties to be compatible with specific models of printers. The technology used inside is exactly the same as in official ink cartridges. The industry is well-established, producing over $8 billion annually and accounting for 25% of the ink and toner market.

As a result, using compatible inks will save anyone a lot of money. The quality and compatibility is the same as with original inks, but the price is often 50-80% cheaper. 

2. What is remanufactured ink?

Remanufactured ink is a great way to save money on ink. The process of creating remanufactured ink involves using OEM ink cartridges and refilling them with 3rd party ink. The cartridges are cleaned using specialist equipment in a vacuum environment. The cartridges hardware is tested for reliability and then filled with high-quality ISO certified 3rd party ink.

OEM ink is great for printers that are not compatible with "compatible" inks. Some companies put security technology in their ink and toner cartridges preventing 3rd party cartridges from working. Remanufactured ink is a great way to spend less on your ink, as these cartridges work with any printers.

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3. Do you offer warranties?

Yes, all of our ink products have a 12-month warranty if you are unsatisfied with the print performance or quality. And we are so confident in our products that we offer a full replacement to an equivalent-or-better model on your printer if our product is proven to damage it - not that you'll need it. 

We reserve the right to request evidence of faults, quality issues or damage prior to sending replacement product or authorising printer repairs. You must contact us and receive confirmation before conducting repairs on your product.

4. What is your shipping policy?

Our products are shipped directly from a warehouse in Auckland. The products are all stocked locally and we offer next-day shipping, as well as rural, inter-island overnight and Auckland CBD options. Our products are shipped by local courier.