About us

Our company

Printstuff is the creation of Andy Banks, founder of Banx Systems.

Printstuff started as a vision of being able to offer retail customers wholesale prices on quality compatible ink, cartridges and stationery.

Stocking over 800 products, Printstuff is the premiere supplier of ink for New Zealand. Visit our blog to read more about Printstuff!

We are a GST registered NZ owned and operated business. Our GST number is 089041171.

Our team


Printstuff consists of business whiz Andy Banks and programming rockstar Arno Cronje. Andy has the concepts and the connections while Arno has the programming ability and outsourcing skills.

Printstuff is the proud sponsor of the Kaukapakapa Junior Touch Rugby team. We support your community and its values.


My faith in aftermarket printer supplies has been restored. My wife and I own a HP multifunction colour laser. The previous time the toners were running out I used cheap aftermarket replacement toners, I did the whole lot in one go. What a mistake, we immediately noticed a change in colour for the worse and then print quality dropped in many other ways. I started to think I was going to have to replace the printer. Not long after I started working here, the team said I must try our toners that we sell. As per most aftermarket toners the price was right, and I liked the ISO rating I saw on the toner we sell so I thought I would give it one last go with our product. OMG, WOW I am impressed. I did a couple of printouts of a couple of photos with tricky vibrant colours and it exceeded my expectations. I was so impressed I brought one of the photos in to show everyone in our team meeting. Now we all know it is is good stuff.

Paul Mason-Riseborough (Senior Technician Banx Systems)

"At Lone Star Albany we had been using genuine toner cartridges for our Laser printer. Due to the large amount of printing that we do, it was becoming extremely expensive! We changed across to the PrintStuff equivalent and this is saving us close to 50% per toner. A great move on our part. Service is also quick and accurate and I would highly recommend them."

Aaron Sunderland (Director Lone Star Albany)