Passing the Torch

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The past few months at Banx Systems have been epic, exciting, nerve-wracking, delicious and intriguing.

Today I pass the torch of Printstuff onto a young buck by the name of Alastair. He reminds me of myself when I was his age.

It has been exciting watching Printstuff grow from a website full of HTML and CSS errors to a beautiful flower of automation and high-quality compatible ink and toner.

Printstuff support will continue to be available as always, and we are here for your compatible ink and toner needs in Auckland and greater New Zealand.

Rock on Printstuffers!

Signing off,


Two Months Deep + Lessons Learned

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So Printstuff has now been running for 2 months, with over 70 registered customers, 2000 unique visitors and $4,000 in revenue. The launch was successful. Woohoo!



Lessons learned:

  • Search-engine-optimization is tricky and Google is unpredictable:

This blog is the third result on Google when you search “Printstuff” – but the main website isn’t on the first 10 pages of Google. Yes, I have registered the website with Google’s tools.

  • Uptime and a working site

The search function was unknowingly broken for a few days, resulting in no sales during that time. After this, I made a habit to test the order process directly after making changes to the website and also every morning. System updates are performed after-hours at the times with lowest traffic.

  • Customers like phone orders

Some of our biggest orders >$500 have been made over the phone. Customers seem to trust a person on the phone more than the website. So it’s important for businesses, even those purely e-commerce, to have a physical phone presence to put customers’ minds at ease.

  • Multiple payment options are critical

Swipe HQ, our payment processor, went into liquidation during the busy period of Christmas. Thankfully we had a backup processor, Paypal, so we did not miss out on important transactions. Currently we are in talks with BNZ to have another layer of payment redundancy.

Industry notes:

  • HP have updated some of their printers to detect compatible inks and refuse to work with them. This is so anti-competitive my brain hurts. If a company is able to manufacture inks with identical physical components more cheaply than the OEM, people should be able to use them. Regardless, the compatible-ink-makers will no doubt have their own chips to circumvent HP’s protections. A time-wasting game of cat-and-mouse.  We have refunded our customers who experience issues with HP blocking their cartridge.
  • Printer inks are nothing special. They either do the job, or they don’t. Our point-of-difference lies in our extreme low prices, our ISO-certified and tested inks, fast shipping, and an excellent returns and credit policy. Our customers don’t have to visit a massive chain-Warehouse or small-highly-marked-up IT shop to purchase the essential inks – they simply create an account (optional) and type in the inks they want – and it’s delivered by the postman next-day.

Visit to see the Printstuff difference for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Printstuff!

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Visit to shop online for compatible ink and toner

My name is Arno and I’m the web admin for Printstuff. I started this project for Banx Systems around 3 months ago, and it is finally complete. The aim of Printstuff is to provide the best prices on quality ink to New Zealand. To meet this end, I took measured steps in building the site.

Quality Ink and Toner
The backbone of any business is obviously the product. For Printstuff, we tested various suppliers of compatible ink within New Zealand. The supplier we decided on uses high-quality ISO-certified inks and toner powder in their compatible and remanufactured products. Some specialized applications require genuine ink, so we stock those too. Click here to find out the difference.

Best Prices
In order to supply the best price to our customers, we conducted extensive research on our competitor’s prices. As a result, we are able to the beat our competitor’s prices 99% of the time. The other 1% are non-identical products of inferior quality. Some of our products have a lower margin than others, but we are always able to beat competitor’s prices. If you find a lower price elsewhere, contact us and we will come to a fair agreement.

Customer Service
For today’s discerning customer, low prices are not enough. Quality customer care and support are essential to any venture. Our website features a live chat system to assist our customers with any questions you may have. We also offer a 12-month warranty on our compatible and remanufactured products if you are not satisfied with their print performance or quality. In the unlikely event that your printer is damaged by our product, we offer a full repair or replacement to an equivalent or better model of printer.


Please contact us on 0800 101 209 or with any further questions.